Did you know that 85% of all service problems could be avoided with proper annual maintenance of your heating and Air Conditioning system? The average homeowner can save 15 – 30% on utility bills if by choosing to give the Air Conditioning and Heating System an annual Tune-Up which will keep the system performing more efficiently and save money in the long run.As a homeowner, a sizable amount of the investment is in your home’s heating and cooling system, so it makes good sense to do everything it takes to keep it running at peak efficiency, and to insure proper operating characteristics to keep down on system wear. Studies show that over 70 percent of all breakdowns occur because of neglect of service. This is why ArcticTemp Heating and Air Conditioning offers fall and summer tune-up specials to all our clients.

Our maintenance tune-ups and service plans include carefully designed inspections by one of our qualified technicians so we can prevent problems before they happen and keep your equipment operating in a trouble-free manner.

Preventative maintenance maintains your system’s efficiency and reliability, minimizes downtime, repair bills and loss of use. A Planned Preventative maintenance program for your Heating and Cooling equipment also ensures optimal use and maintains the value of your home or business unit. Talk to our professionals about preventative maintenance programs and schedules.


Start Saving Money Immediately!

We all have the tendency to wait for a crisis before acting. Don’t wait until there is a problem with your A/C or heating. With a PSA (Planned Service Agreement) you can have the peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning and heating system is working at peak efficiency through out the year, rain, snow or shine!

Service Agreements are designed to keep costs down in 2 ways. First, it has been well established that breakdowns are far less frequent when a PSA is designed specifically for your Air conditioning and heating equipment. Secondly, because the equipment has been maintained and a break down does occur the damage is usually not as extensive. Thirdly, it is easier for us to provide substantial discounts in the event of a failure because the problem is easier to solve, and takes less time to repair.

Our Preventive Service Agreement programs provide for substantial savings to our customers who elect to be enrolled. Maintaining your A/C & heating equipment on a regular basis will save you money on repairs, and wasted energy by keeping your system working efficiently all year long!