whole-house-humidifier-honeywellProperly Balanced humidity in your home is especially important in dry climate changes, such as when the temperature dips below 30 degrees.  since this affects both your personal comfort and your household furnishings. In more temperate climates, winter means the air in your home is typically dryer than at any other time of the year. As a result, you and your family could develop dry noses, throats, lips and skin and the health issues that go along with those discomforts. And who doesn’t love those snaps of static electricity?

l Dry air can also damage your house. Dry air can also peel wallpaper, crack paint and cause joints in wood furniture to separate, and even damage wood musical instruments. In new homes, lack of humidity can cause severe cracking and shrinking of wood floors, cabinets and musical instruments such as pianos.

A humidifier adds moisture to your home’s air. You can fight the effects of dry winter air with a whole house humidifier. Installed directly onto your existing HVAC system, a humidifier injects humidity in the form of invisible water vapor into your home’s air and distributes it through your ducts and vents throughout every room in your home.

Unlike portable humidifiers, the whole house version monitors the relative humidity in your home and produces exactly the right levels of moisture. Another advantage is that the filter only needs replacement about once a year, versus the daily cleaning and disinfecting that portable units often familyrequire.

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