Air Cleaners

A whole house air purifier typically leverages the power of the air handler of your HVAC system to clean the air throughout your home.  If you are considering such a system, bear in mind that these air purification systems usually require installation by a HVAC technician so you will want to factor in the installation cost in making your purchase decision.

In any event, prior to considering a whole house air filtration system, we recommend that you take a look at the quality of the the standard home air filters that you are presently using.  All air filters are generally rated using something called a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) that measures dust particulate removal ability from 1 to 16.  The cheap store bought home air filters are usually a MERV 4 or 6 and only filter out the largest of dust particles. This is fine for maintaining an efficient HVAC system but doesn’t do anything for your health and does not help keep dust down in your home.

While a higher MERV number may provide better filtration efficiency, it is very important to understand that too high a MERV filter may also cost you more to operate your heating and air conditioning system. The higher the MERV, the less the air may flow through the system, and the harder the system may need to work. Your goal is to get the right balance between air flow, air filtration level and energy efficiency (we can help you evaluate this).

For dust reduction we suggest a MERV 8 filter and for allergy or asthma relief we recommend using a MERV 11 or MERV 13 home air filter.  These air filters will become dirty more quickly and are more restrictive than the low priced filters so you will want to make sure they are replaced every 2 months otherwise you will experience reduced air flow through your HVAC system.

If, after considering your standard filters, you do opt for a whole house air cleaner, there are a a few things you should think about in selecting the best solution for your home.  If you are most interested in getting a good night’s sleep, then you should review the single room type air purifiers first.  If you have a very large room to clean or want really clean air throughout your home then you will want to know the whole house air cleaner installation costs, availability of replacement air filters, frequency of filter replacements and ease of replacing the filter.  Whole house air purifiers are often connected to the air handler so you will want to make sure that is accessible for you.

The advantages of a whole house air purifier are the ability to have clean air throughout your home and the air cleaning equipment is typically out of site so it will not disrupt your home décor.  The disadvantages are that there are upfront  installation costs and, depending on the type, you may have to purchase filters throughout the year.  Another disadvantage is that you will probably need to run the fan on your HVAC system continuously for it to move the air through the whole house otherwise whole house type systems will not work.

Whatever your concerns, ArcticTemp Heating and Air Conditioning is available to help you make the decision most suitable to your situation. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have. We are here to help!

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